In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

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Our hospital, equipped  Vitro Fertilization  (IVF) Centers living with infertility (infertile) to provide services in the light of scientific developments into pairs and continues receiving good results.

Infertility, which is defined as not being able to conceive despite unprotected intercourse, is one of the biggest problems of couples. Diagnosis of infertility, which can be caused by female or male problems, is often possible with today’s technology.

In our IVF  Centers, treatment is applied with a patient-oriented approach. The expert team consisting of gynecologists, embryologists, medical geneticists, urologists, psychologists, biologists and nurses aims to increase the pregnancy success of infertile couples with its well-equipped IVF laboratory.


  • Fertility Coefficient Test
  • Surgical Applications That Increase the Chance of Pregnancy
  • Sperm Detox
  • Supportive Treatments Increasing the Probability of Pregnancy
  • IVM (Drug-Free IVF)
  • IVF and ICSI techniques

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Making appointments with specialist physicians

Your doctor in your country and Turkey teleconference call / Making

Informing transparently about Treatment Options and Costs You Can Receive

Discounted flight tickets and accommodation from THY for patients, relatives and companions

Airport transfer (with disabled-friendly vehicles upon request)

Hospitalization and discharge procedures

Assistance in payment procedures to facilitate accounting processes

Assistance services by a foreign language-speaking H&T Consultant

Free psychological counseling if you need it

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* 24/7 healthcare staff who can speak foreign languages
* Guidance services or touristic daily / weekend / weekly holiday tours
* Air ambulance and catering
* transfers for a second opinion
* pretreatment and posttreatment transfers
* Turkey leaving medical support
* Pet hotel services for little friends
* Celebration dinner party after treatment, shopping tours etc.


Our professional and experienced team, whose specialty is health tourism, entrust you to the most competent physicians, while providing services for the needs and comfort of you and your relatives.